Establishing Parental Rights: Our Representation in Paternity Matters

Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity: In cases where the parents are unmarried, our legal representation facilitates the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, ensuring that both parents’ rights and responsibilities are legally recognized. We guide clients through the process, including completing necessary paperwork and filing the acknowledgment with the appropriate authorities. Disputed

Paternity Disputes: In situations where paternity is contested, our legal team provides vigorous representation to establish or challenge paternity through DNA testing and other evidence. We advocate for our clients’ rights, ensuring that accurate parentage is determined and that appropriate child custody and support arrangements are made in accordance with the law.

Modification of Paternity Orders: Circumstances may change after paternity orders are established, necessitating modifications to custody or support arrangements. Our legal representation assists clients in petitioning the court for modifications, ensuring that parental rights and responsibilities are adjusted to reflect the best interests of the child and the changing circumstances of the parents.

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